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Build your Voice through the API

· One min read

Previously, building a voice was only capable through the v1 API. Now we've reintroduced that capability by exposing the /voice/<uuid>/build endpoint.

Look at the respective documentation or use one of our client libraries to invoke the build process! Just remember though -- you'll need to upload recordings for the voice before attempting to build it, and you can do that through the API as well!

New Client Libraries

· One min read

Although we've already released the Node, Python, Ruby and Rust client libraries, today we've officially documented and published installation instructions for them on our documentation site.

We hope they make the Resemble API more accessible and easy to use.

If you have any troubles or have a suggestion, let us know!


· One min read

The purpose of this section is to document any changes to the API, including releases of new versions.


· One min read

API v2 released. It exposes the following resources:

  • projects
  • voices
  • recordings
  • clips