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Version: 1.0.0

Update a voice

You can update the data that the voice will be built from by calling this endpoint. The result will be a signed URL which can you use to directly upload data as per step 2 of the "Create a voice" Endpoint.


This endpoint is only accessible to users who are verified partners. To become a verified partner, please contact

HTTP Request


URL ParameterRequiredDescription
voice_uuidYesThe UUID of the Voice resource that exists.
JSON Body ParameterRequiredDescription
nameYesAny identifiable name for the voice you're creating.
filenameYesThe name of the file you're uploading.
byte_sizeYesThe size of the file in bytes.
checksumYesThe MD5 checksum of the file. (You can use the md5 prorgam on OS X and Linux)
content-typeNoThe content type. Valid options are audio/x-wav, application/gzip, application/tar, or application/x-tar The default is audio/x-wav.