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Version: 2.0.0


Learn how to import a phoneme library from a CSV using the Resemble API AI platform with Python.

In order to best use this guide ensure that you have:

  • Signed up for a account and confirmed your e-mail
  • Obtained your API key for use with the API - for additional information see the Authentication page


First, you will need to initialize your Python project, it’s virtual environment.

# Create virtual environment
python3 -m venv venv

# Activate virtual environment
source venv/bin/activate

With your project setup, we can install the Resemble Python SDK via pip install and freeze our dependency list for later use:

# Install Resemble python SDK
pip install resemble

# Freeze dependencies
pip freeze > requirements.txt

Create a new []( file which will contain our script to import phonemes.

Initialize the script by creating a basic run_main function and fill in your []( with the code snippet below.

# resemble-import-phonemes/

# This is the main function that contains the example
def run_main():
# TODO: Fill me in!

if __name__ == '__main__':

Next, import the Resemble class from the resemble sdk, the argparse, and os module from Python’s standard library and add a setup function to initialize the API client called initialize_resemble_client:

# resemble-import-phonemes/
import os
import argparse
from resemble import Resemble

# This function sets up the Resemble Python SDK
def initialize_resemble_client():
# Attempt to retrieve the value of the environment variable
resemble_api_key = os.environ['RESEMBLE_API_KEY']

except KeyError:
# If the environment variable is not found, raise an error
raise EnvironmentError(f"The 'RESEMBLE_API_KEY' environment variable is not set.")

# This is the main function that contains the example
def run_main():
# TODO: Fill me in!

# -- snipped --

Notice that the Python script expects the environment variable RESEMBLE_API_KEY to be present containing the necessary API key.

Next, build the import_phonemes function responsible for parsing a CSV containing your phonemes and uploading to the API (don’t forget to import csv ).

Add the following code snippet below to file.

# resemble-import-phonemes/

import os
from resemble import Resemble
import csv

def import_phonemes(csv_file_path):
# Keep track of successful and failed imports (possibly due to already existing)
successful_imports = 0
failed_imports = 0

with open(csv_file_path, 'r') as file:
# Create a CSV reader object
reader = csv.reader(file)

# Skip the header row if it exists
next(reader, None)

# Iterate over each row in the CSV file
for row in reader:
# Ensure the row has at least two elements (word and phonetic_transcription)
if len(row) >= 2:
word, phonetic_transcription = row[0], row[1]

# Make a POST request to create a new widget entry
response = Resemble.v2.phonemes.create(word, phonetic_transcription)
if response['success']:
successful_imports += 1
print(f"Imported phoneme pair: {word} and {phonetic_transcription}")
# Failed to import for some reason
raise Exception(response)

except Exception as e:
failed_imports += 1

print(f"ERROR: Could not import phoneme pair: {word} and {phonetic_transcription} - {e}")

except FileNotFoundError:
print(f"ERROR: File not found - {csv_file_path}")

# Print summary
print(f"\nCompleted\nSuccessfully imported phonemes: {successful_imports}\nFailed to import phonemes: {failed_imports}")

# This function sets up the Resemble Python SDK
def initialize_resemble_client():
# -- snipped --

# -- snipped --

In the above snippet, the import_phonemes file parses through the a CSV in the following format and creates a pair entry using the Resemble API. Note the headers will be skipped!

# example-phoneme.csv

Once you have completed the import_phonemes , function update run_main function to accept an input file from the command line and execute the import_phonemes process.

# -- snipped -

# This is the main function that contains the example
def run_main(arguments):
# Initialize the client using the environment variable RESEMBLE_API_KEY set
# Run the voice creation function to call the Resemble API

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="A script that imports phonemes using Resemble AI")

# Add option flags to the parser
parser.add_argument("--csv-file", required=True, help="The CSV file containing phonemes to import")

# Parse the command-line arguments
args = parser.parse_args()

arguments = { 'csv_file': args.csv_file }

if __name__ == '__main__':

Finally, test your script by running the same command via CLI as before:

# Be sure to prepend your API key to the command
RESEMBLE_API_KEY=... python3 --csv-file path/to/example-csv.csv

Imported phoneme pair: vodaphone and voduhphone
Imported phoneme pair: cosmic and kozmik

Successfully imported phonemes: 2
Failed to import phonemes: 0

Congratulations, you have successfully imported your phoneme library! To check the status of your library, you can programmatically access via the API or use the web application as well.