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Version: 2.0.0

Update a recording

This endpoint updates a recording for a particular voice.

HTTP Request

URL ParametersTypeDescription
recording_uuidstringUUID of the recording to update
voice_uuidstringUUID of the voice to which the recording belongs
Multipart Form BodyTypeDescription
emotionstringEmotion of the recording
is_activebooleanIf false, the recording is not used to train the voice model
namestringName of the recording
textstringTranscript of the recording

You cannot upload a new file for a recording. Instead, try deleting the recording you wish to replace and creating an entirely new one!

HTTP Response

"success": true,
"item": {
"uuid": <string>,
"name": <string>,
"text": <string>,
"emotion": <string>,
"is_active": <boolean>,
"audio_src": Optional<string>,
"created_at": <UTC string>,
"updated_at": <UTC string>,


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 const Resemble = require('@resemble/node') const resemble = new Resemble('v2', 'YOUR_API_TOKEN') await resemble.recordings.update(voiceUuid, { emotion: 'happy', is_active: false, name: 'happy_sample', text: 'Hey, this is a happy sample!' })

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